COCA COLA - Friendly Twist

COCA COLA – Friendly Twist

For years coke has encouraged people to share happiness.

COCA COLA best known for its communication has introduced a new design to build new friendship.

The first day of college always creates some nervousness – a day when talks and interactions are less, here, Coca Cola thought of something special to make freshmen bond.

As Coke’s all about sharing happiness, they came-up with an idea of ‘SHARING’. This new design by Coke had a plastic bottle featuring a cap that can only be opened when paired with another bottle’s cap and twisted.

A cap that cannot be opened until you match it with another one :) 

The project was developed by Leo Burnett in Columbia to inspire communication between freshmen of the first day of college.

The video announcing the new bottle encourages the viewers to ‘Open a coke. Open a new friendship.”

Imran Khan Vs Homophobia

I simply love Imran Khan❤ and what I like the most is his approach towards dealing with questions about ‘What Being Gay Means’ !😉

Bollywood superstar on being gay and Sec 377

Bollywood superstar on being gay and Sec 377

Imran khan has always been a pretty vocal about sensitive topics like gay rights, animal rights, legal drinking age, etc. So, Stand-up comedian group AIB (All India Back**d) teamed up with Imran Khan to spread awareness about Homosexuality in our country in a more sarcastically satirical manner.

So, just like me I am sure you all have always wanted to know the answers to all the life’s curious, thought provoking, important questions… well, here teaming up with AIB – Imran Khan seems to have been responded to some hilarious & obnoxious questions about Homosexuality & Section 377.

Questions like –

–       Why do Gay people choose to be Gay & why can’t they just be un-gay?

–       How do Gays have coffee?

–       Do Gays spread Aids?

–       If Imran Khan is Gay?

AIB team includes popular stand-up comedians — Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba, Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi who are also responsible for making the ‘It’s your fault’ video starring actor Kalki Koechlin that went viral in September and a recent video on Yashraj’s – Dhoom 3 Parody Spoof😛 (Hilarious Video)😀

In this video, Imran has raised his voice on the ignorance around Homosexuality in India – responds to some common Indian misconceptions about gay people with sarcastically satirical answers. So if you’ve got a question about gay people — Imran is here to help you! Drop him an email at😀

You got to see the video:

Team AIB – I got a question – What’s up with putting elaichi in biryani?! Like Seriously!

HUL Targets Rural Market: “Lifebuoy Se Haath Dhoye Kya?”

For some reason, yesterday I was thinking about companies I feel emotionally attached to. While figuring this out, I am really curious now to know: What brands have you bonded with?

  • Tell me which companies do you trust the most? Like, if they release a new product, you automatically prime yourself to try it out?
  • Which company profiles are you following on Facebook and twitter?
  • Which company newsletter you regularly follow?

Well, while brainstorming on this, I came across Hindustan Unilever Limited innovative “Roti Campaign” which targeted rural market by promoting hand washing campaign message using rotis.

A bit of background: An estimated 2 million children in developing countries die every year of diseases related to poor hygiene. Since its founding, Unilever has had a strong commitment to hygiene and public health. Hindustan Unilever believes the simple act of hand-washing with soap could cut down on that tragic rate of infant mortality.

At the Kumbh Mela 2013 where all big players were trying to sell their respective products, some way or the other, Hindustan Unilever Limited promoted Lifebuoy Soap through Rotis in an innovative manner.

Allahabad where Kumbh Mela 2013 took place – is a dusty and dirty place during the festival, and maintaining hygiene was something which was not on the top, in their list. Rather than displaying the Kumbh with banners and outdoor advertising, HUL preferred a new medium to carry the anti diarrhea messages.

Hindustan Unilever Limited had an idea: What better way of reminding people to wash their hands than just as they are about to eat? The company along with the creative agency, Ogilvy had partnered with more than 100 Dhabas and Hotels at the mela site and used heat-stamped device to print a message on 2.5 million fresh pieces of rotis. The message said, simply, “Lifebuoy Se Haath Dhoye Kya?” (Have you washed your hands with Lifebuoy?)

Lifebuoy se haath dhoya kya

This stamped message gets the consumer’s attention at the exact time when hand washing is critical – “Right when the person sits down to eat roti with his hand”.

Roti being the staple food, and the only way to eat it is with your hands. The message on roti was impossible to miss or ignore. It’s sensible to expect that some will remember the message every time they sit down to eat.


As the objective of this campaign was to reach the unreachable, what better way to reach a mass? This Kumbh Mela provided HUL a unique opportunity to communicate their message to large, predominantly rural population.


Reference: Co.Create



How Important Are External Auditors In The Corporate World And Why?

Kaustubhi Kale’s answer to: How important are external auditors in the corporate world and why? []

External auditors plays a third – party role. They are certified examiners who are licensed to perform such validations.

The auditors responsibility is to express their assurance on the financial statements.

A report which contains standard words and phases that have a specific meaning. An auditors recommendation adds credibility to management’s financial statements, which allows owners, investor, bankers and other creditors to use them with greater confidence.